Starting a business

Starting a business and worried about missing calls when you’re busy?

The number of small businesses in the UK is at an all-time high and growing at a rate of almost 7% each year. Although the news is always full of stories of successful young entrepreneurs, the figures show most wait a long time before starting out on their own, with the average age for setting up a business being nearly 46 for men and 48 for women.

These older entrepreneurs will generally have worked in similar roles for many years, building their experience, expertise and of course contacts. They will understand the value of surrounding themselves with a good support network and will also recognise the need to concentrate on productive activities and using their time wisely.

Call answering service for start-ups and micro-businesses

The Small Business Survey 2014, commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) indicates that 82 per cent of SME employers were micro-businesses (1-9 employees) and that 32 per cent were operated from the home of one of the business’s owners.

The phone still poses a problem for many small businesses. It’s hard to decide if they need a fulltime receptionist to answer calls amongst other things, or whether voicemail is good enough for missed calls when they are busy. It isn’t.

InTouchNow offers a range of services for smaller businesses, from simple call answering to diary management. The service has been designed for calls to be forwarded to a dedicated number we have provided, when the business has an overflow of calls in a busy period, or an individual is busy with a job in hand.

With our professional reception teams answering calls, taking messages, booking appointments, dealing with requests for marketing material etc., our clients can concentrate on the job in hand, safe in the knowledge their business sounds efficient and professional.

Outsourced reception services solve many problems

It’s not just about call answering, but the full suite of reception services that help give the impression your business is not only bigger, but run efficiently and recognises the importance of calls into the business.

InTouchNow offers:

  • a professional and friendly reception team, who work hard to understand your business and your needs.
  • a team that understands it is an extension of your business and not just a message taker
  • precious time away from the phone to allow you to concentrate on profitable activities, without interruptions
  • confidence that you will have not just the number, but all the details necessary to return calls effectively
  • peace of mind that your business will not miss important calls, whilst having the opportunity to ignore those that do not matter
  • support for sending marketing material and fielding sales calls; the more you explain at the start, the more use we can be
  • diary management to help your business grow, with important meetings shared when you add them to your diary, or our reception team book the appointment


Our services are available without a long contract or minimum spend. We are here when you need us and we offer a free trial, so get in touch and never miss another important call.