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There’s more to call answering than saying ‘hello’

When developing our new call answering service, InTouchNow, we did a lot of research and spoke to business people across a whole range of sectors to better understand what was needed and what would set our service apart.

It came as no real surprise to learn that what businesses wanted was something more than just someone to take a message – ‘that’s what voicemail is for’, was the overwhelming response. And whilst it may be the most obvious alternative to answering calls, it’s not necessarily the best.

If the main business number is transferring to voicemail, either directly or after a call has been routed to a mobile phone, it can leave callers with the impression they are dealing with a small business. A business perhaps too small or too busy to answer the call, let alone do the work.

When you are busy, it is also important to call back those that left a message quickly; definitely the same day. If it’s someone looking for you to supply goods or services, will they wait for your return call or carry on calling other businesses on the list of those doing what you do?

One aspect of our service is to answer calls diverted to our reception teams, when our client is busy. A tradesperson can concentrate fully on their journey to the next appointment, or the job in hand – it can be really annoying when someone on a job, constantly answers the phone to set up their next piece of work.

Not only will we answer calls for clients in this situation, but given access to their diary, we can make appointments for them or warn of delays in plenty of time to enhance their customer service. This ability to make appointments for clients requires an in-depth knowledge of their business, likely time for events, distances to cover in their region at certain times of the day etc.

Our service is flexible and can be shaped to match the exact needs of each client. But getting under the skin of their business at the start is crucial to the level of service needed and delivered. The more detail we get about a business, the better. The more we know about the service and products, along with the people within the business, the easier it is for us to deliver a truly personal service.

The unique call logging software we have designed allows us to see the entire call history, so if a client is in a meeting and the same person calls on more than one occasion, we can explain we know they have called before and that our client is still busy. It is this personal, seamless service that lifts us above the more common call answering and message taking services.

Our service is focussed on people, not processes. We understand that the best service is more co-source than outsource and we work hard to be a reception team trusted by clients to help them move their business forward.

If you want to discover the benefits for yourself, why not sign up today for a free trial and get the reception team your business deserves.