Keeping you in touch

The first step is for us to understand your business and which calls you want us to answer. It might be all of them, all of the time or the overflow when you are on another call. You might be on holiday or have a receptionist off sick; we tailor our service and answer only the calls you need us to. Setting up your account with InTouchNow is simple, straightforward and takes less than 24 hours following initial enquiry.

Our in-house developers have created software designed to handle calls as if our receptionist team is based in your office. It ensures a seamless service that means none of your callers are aware you are using a call answering service. We become part of your team.


Calls to your existing telephone number divert to us when you cannot answer them. We answer your calls quickly and efficiently, in the manner agreed in advance. It is not just about using the right company name, but getting the right tone; formal or informal, we learn from you.
The team dedicated to answering your calls have all the necessary information at their fingertips the second the call comes through. They can see the call history and will know at a glance about previous callers, their requests etc., which results in a more personal and enhanced service.
This personalised information about you and your business allows our receptionists not just to answer calls with your company name, but to handle calls efficiently; knowing if your employees are on holiday and their location if you have multiple offices. It’s the detail that makes the service.
Our receptionists do not work to a script; their friendly, natural manner comes from understanding your business and feeling part of your team, despite the distance. Details of calls answered will be emailed or texted to you as the call takes place, allowing you to respond immediately if required.
If you need more than a simple messaging service, we can make diary appointments, transfer calls to your colleagues, send out marketing material or perform any number of agreed support functions. Every action is undertaken with the same professional, friendly manner that defines our service.


We learn about you and your business, the more information you provide us the better service and support we can provide.  We agree a script for each department within your firm and use this to  build a ‘decision tree’.
Your Live Chat is managed by an experienced UK based team who represent you and your company perfectly.
We provide HTML code for you to put on your website, the Chat Widget can be in your corporate colours, and is customisable for each client.
When we have trained our team and are assured that they can answer in your voice the Live Chat is enabled.
The name and email address of each contact is captured.
On completion of the Chat your prospect will receive the chat transcript via email.  A transcript is emailed to you for your records.
Our bespoke portal and app enables clients to provide us with their status as well as having the ability to update Frequently Asked Questions, and sales information (e.g. special offers) keeping us up to date.
Daily and weekly management reports are provided detailing number and length of chats and can be accessed on our Admin Portal.