To use a phone in a vehicle that is moving, or when your full attention is required like when waiting at lights or crossings, is an offence. But the ‘fear of missing out’, still has many reaching for their phones despite the threat of a penalty, or worse.

Smartphones with Bluetooth connections and the ability to read out text messages is one thing, but there are still a significant number of drivers that persist in answering their phones, hands-on. And the UK’s crowded roads offer drivers little chance to pull over to the side of the road to answer calls.

For many business people out on the road, the ability to take calls hands-free when out working is a positive, but being unable to make notes, or sound professional with traffic noise and a dropped connection can be a real problem.

InTouchNow has been set up to help busy organisations cope with those times when calls might go unanswered; a receptionist off sick, busy sales campaign or a sole-trader on the job. But with more and more business people spending longer struggling around the UK on our roads, the once peaceful sanctuary of the car or van, has become more of a mobile office.

The fear of missing a call, email or text ensures the phone is central to the journey, rather than being tucked safely out of the way in the boot, as recommended by many motoring organisations and the police. Driving to meet a potential client, ensures the phone has to be handy, just in case the arrangements change.

And let’s be honest, we have all seen the middle aged businessman with his phone glued to his right ear, controlling the car or van with his free hand, whilst manoeuvring in traffic without signalling, for obvious reasons.

Hands-free phone use might be legal, but it’s still dangerous.

Numerous studies have shown that drivers using a hands-free, just like those using handheld mobile phones, are slower at recognising and reacting to hazards on the road than those concentrating on the road. It is all too easy to be distracted by a call or text and it only takes a split-second lapse in concentration for bad things to happen.

With options like the InTouchNow service available to answer calls when you are busy, there really is no excuse for not ignoring the phone and enjoying a little music while driving.

Our service is easy to set up and we’ll handle the calls while you concentrate on your driving. You know it makes sense and with no minimum charge and a free trial available now, give us a call and we will get you started today.