It’s never been easier to connect and communicate with prospects and clients thanks to recent technical advances.

But businesses still receive up to 80% of their incoming communications via the humble telephone and it remains the most important means of contacting a business.

But you cannot be there to answer every call. You are busy; you are out of the office; your receptionists are busy. Some calls will be missed, some will be sent to voicemail and some not given the time or attention they deserve. That is when InTouchNow steps in to help.

Why are our call answering services so popular with businesses large and small across all sectors?

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To give your customers the attention they deserve, get in touch now and let us answer your calls!

We have a large resource of professional reception staff, ready to deal with your business calls when you need us to. Our professional, polite and above all, friendly team, will ensure calls are not missed and no one goes to voicemail (70% of callers will not leave a message on voicemail according to a recent survey).

It is not just about taking messages and promising you will call back. With our support, your business will not only appear bigger, but more able to cope with busy periods. Our friendly and efficient response to your calls strengthens your commitment to customer service.

We provide a dedicated team of professional receptionists ready to help turn callers into customers, delivering a range of reception and secretarial services that can be tailored to your exact needs and help your business grow. You are already attracting calls, now make sure you do not miss them.